Things You Shouldn’t Do on the First Date: Tips for Men

The first date is a kind of a strength test, for both women and men. The way the romantic evening goes plays a decisive role in the development of further relationships. It’s so easy to lose it all because of one small mistake. That’s why we put up a short list of seven tips that will help you avoid embarrassing situations on the first date.

1) Don’t be late

You probably noticed that most girls never come on a date in time, and it’s annoying as hell. But think how much time they need to do their hair and makeup thing, try on a couple of dresses and pairs of shoes to match, and so on.

On the other hand, if a man comes on a date twenty minutes later than the appointed time, he immediately gets into his companion’s black list. Where did such inequity come from? Well, if you’re not able to properly manage your time, perhaps it’s too early for you to build long-lasting relationships.

2) Don’t ask the girl where to go

The best way to make the girl disappointed in you in two minutes is to ask her where she would like to go. The thing is that in modern society, when it comes to choosing a place for a date, men should take the initiative. If you can’t make a simple plan of the evening, you’re not ready for relationships.

3) Don’t talk about yourself for too long

Some guys just can’t stop telling stories from their life on a first date. This way they hope to show some positive character traits. But if all that you’re talking about the whole evening is you, the girl may start thinking that everything you can do is chatter and posturing.

It’s better to divide the conversation into telling stories about yourself and asking your companion some questions, so you could also learn something about her. Ask her if she’s OK with eating meat, how she gets along with her parents, tell her that you would like to go to a shooting gallery together somehow, and stuff like that.

first dating tips

When talking to the girl according to this plan, you pay attention to your companion’s personality and don’t seem selfish at the same time. Besides, by the end of the evening, you won’t have to look for a topic to keep the conversation going.

4) Don’t talk about your ex

Guys should never talk about their previous relationships and their brides dating others. If the girl starts asking you about such stuff herself, it’s better to keep the details of your personal life to yourself and say that you don’t hold on to your old love, etc. If she still keeps asking you, think about it, maybe something’s wrong with her…

5) Don’t criticize

Your new companion likes country music? Mixes expensive drinks with cheap lemonade? Voted for Trump? Well, you just hit the jackpot, pal. But that’s what first dates are for: you get the chance to learn everything you need about your new companion, as well as she gets the same opportunity.

Watch her, ask her, and take notes in your head. Just don’t start any discussions right from the start. If you want to try changing something about her, you’re gonna need a lot of patience; this process may take some time.

6) Don’t get drunk

On the one hand, you shouldn’t drink only orange juice the whole evening. A bit of alcohol will help you calm down. But you need to limit yourself; otherwise, you may end up getting drunk and start talking too much.

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A lot of girls went through a date that ended because their companion drank so much that he couldn’t even stand. And a couple of days later this guy started to call and email, asking to forgive him. Remember that such behavior can make a girl think that she is so boring that one can have a chat with her only after a bottle of whiskey.

7) Don’t talk on the phone

A huge bouquet of flowers is not yet a sign of sincere attention to your companion, but the turned off phone during a date means a lot.

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