How to Tell You’re Dating a Female Sociopath

Although, it may not culminate as tragic as in Adrian Lyne’s “Fatal Attraction” (1987), dating a female sociopath may not be the most pleasant experience in your life. While you may think that dating a sociopath is something that will never happen to you, researchers claim that one to twenty five people out there are sociopaths. This means that you’re not only having a great probability to date one, most likely you already have dated on or two in your life.

Unless you’re a trained psychologist it is really hard to tell a sociopath from other people, until it’s too late. So, if you want to avoid any unpleasant consequences or you just don’t want to be involved romantic relationships that you would regret later, it is better to know the signs of your girlfriend or prospect girlfriend being a sociopath. So, without further ado, let’s learn how to tell if your ‘kinda crazy’ girl is a sociopath.

  1. She’s too much into you

Sociopath are not narcissists. If a narcissistic person is fixated on herself and talks about herself all the time, sociopath girls is more eager to sink her teeth into your biography, your background, asking for more and more details.

This is because she wants to gain power over you. She wants to learn your weak points to control you. So, if your new acquaintance is too much into you, beware cause she can be a sociopath.

  1. She can be everything you want

She needs information about you to understand how to turn into your ideal girlfriend. She will try to seduce you, pretending to be someone you always wanted. That’s why she will ask questions about your past, before briefly revealing her own.

dating sociopath

You were a bad guy at school, what a surprise, she was a bad a girl. Or if you were a nerd, she was a nerd too. She will create her past in order to create sense of intimacy and trust, which is false.

  1. She has no personal opinions

She miraculously agrees with each and every of your opinions. You are never having an argument. She may agree with your statement, which is an anti-thesis to everything she said before. She will never argue with someone about political or social issues. It is because sociopaths have no strong personal opinions.

Mainly, because her opinion may be contrary to yours. She has only slightest understanding of what is right and what is wrong, but she gives zero shits about everything else. She’s not a vegetarian, she doesn’t care about the rate of unemployed people in the country or number of any recent war victims. Well, not unless you care about that.

  1. She has an unclear past

She never talks about her past or her background as a whole. She can mention some stories, which are hardly related to each other. Sometimes it would seem that she lived a thousand of different lives, before she met you. And she tries to avoid talking about her past by all costs. Because it may contradict your idea of a perfect girl.

  1. She’s a chameleon

She may be a low profile person and then switch to a life of the party. She’s an angel of compassion one second, then she starts cracking jokes about deformed babies the next one.

If the paragraphs above remind you of your girl, you must be careful, because you might be dating a sociopath. Thanks to our friends from real russian women for providing this article.

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