Top 5 Sites like Badoo Dating 2016

Badoo is a very popular website for dating and matchmaking, the basic concept is based on social networking.

Anyone in the world can sign up for a free account, and look for a partner from any race and ethnicity. Apart from that, there are certain different features that enables an internet browser to have the best experience in online dating.

sites like badoo datingHowever, Badoo isn’t the only website of its kind, there are plenty more that resemble the same features, or even more. If you are looking for online dating website options, then here are 5 websites that are almost like Badoo.


tagged datingIn, people get to come in touch with each other via chatting. People can subscribe to the service for free. The initial page kind of resembles the Facebook login page.

User might open a fresh new account, or they could alternately use their Facebook or Google+ accounts to sign up with The user should make their profile complete before searching for people on the website.

On a Tinder like interface, people gets to swipe people left to mean ‘not interested’ and swipe right to mean ‘interested’.


meetme is an online dating website similar to badoo to connect two people living nearby. The signing up option is pretty easy and straightforward. Anyone can sign up using an email address through the regular subscription process, or just use their Facebook profile to use the same details on the account.

In MeetMe, the users are given the option to search for other people nearby the user’s location to meet and greet, and maybe even find a date.


date hook is an online dating website like badoo based in the United States, and it’s much popular with teenagers and college students residing in the US. However, people from other nationality and location are also invited to try out the website to find a date, or just for the sole purpose of meeting new people.

The website had a major face-lifting update in 2014, and the new interface is just too nice. Like most other online dating websites, DateHookup could either use an email address or a Facebook profile.


twoo is an online dating website which could be used to find a new date, or just for the purpose of making new friends around someone.

New users could sign up by filling up the new user form in the landing page, or just use an existing Facebook profile to automatically fill up the profile details.

A Twoo profile needs some information like any other social networking website – work, relationship status, studies etc.


howaboutme is another site like badoo that facilitates meeting of two interested soles online for a date, who would actually meet offline in a real world scenario to share their thoughts, or maybe a nice evening over coffee.

The basic idea is just to make two people meet, and falling in love with each other is their own personal option – but not over PC screens, rather they meet for real.


Online dating is fun, and these websites could offer you an unforgettable experience. However, if you are meeting a new person for the first time who you met through these badoo like websites then take some necessary security precautions.

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