How to recover from a break-up

It sometimes happens that our relationships sink like a ship. No matter if it is our fault or our partner’s mistake (in fact, in 99% of cases both partners are responsible for a breakup) you still have to experience the miserable process of healing.

Our team and came up with tips to recover from a break-up. We offer you several methods. You can use either one of them or apply them systematically one after another.

Likewise, we beg you not to get obsessive of anything else instead of your breakup pain. You need to achieve acceptance, not substitute one obsession with another.

1. Get over with your previous relationships

Of course, you are a human being. Even if your mind knows that everything is over and you cannot get it back, your heart is still aching and bleeding. What you actually need right now is to overcome your pain and let it go.


Frankly speaking, we are not able to give a convenient piece of advice in this particular case. Nevertheless, we know what should be accomplished firstly – you should understand that you are never getting back together.

Since you broke up, there must have been something inappropriate for both of you. Trying to revive dead relationships is the same as reviving a departed relative – it will not work out.

2. Find a new hobby

Well, why not? It may help you not only in this case. Indolence and boredom are phenomena that affect you much stronger than you imagine. We are NOT talking about attending a religious sect. Do not do that. Just don’t, please. As well, we suggest you do not initiate an “Eat, pray, love” scenario. We are not judging but this turmoil does not work for everyone, no matter how popular or glamorous it seems. You can also try to go in for a new project. Do not stay in bed suffering.

3. Reboot you routine

When you date someone, your partner becomes an integrate part of your everyday routine. After a breakup, you might feel like something is missing. What you need right now is to change your everyday life fundamentally. The paths you used to walk together, the grocery store you used to visit together – forget them and find another one!

4. Go for a date

A breakup sometimes makes us believe that the biggest love in our life has passed and nothing nice will happen to us again. A date with a new person might change your mind.

Although, when you meet with a new girl – do not talk about your previous relationships! On one hand, your date will turn out to be a massive disaster (and it is your fault!), on the other hand – you will be hurting yourself over and over again. Take your time before meeting someone new. You might not be ready for that.

5. Plan something for your future

Changing your present somehow depends on planning your future. Having something on the horizon to plan for, get excited about and anticipate, pushes us forward. It is vital to the healing process. Everyone can plan something whether it is a day trip to a nearby town or a big trip somewhere far away.


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