How to Permanently Delete a Flirchi Account

People had been trying to extend their reach of date for a long period of time, but internet has made the whole process lot easier in current days. Online dating is very popular. As the doors of meeting new people and extending the relationship way more than just friendship is easily possible on online communities, people are interested in such more than ever.

Flirchi is an online dating website as such, and the community is growing bigger every day. Around 16 crore people have signed up for worldwide, and on average around 40 thousand is online even on off-peak hours. That being said, the website seems to be a reliable online dating network.

However, there might still be some people who may be fade up on the online dating services provided by Flirchi. Or, maybe the need for an online dating site has been met for many people thus they now want to shut down their account. According to the user policy, one can do that. There are few procedures to be followed.

Why might you need account deactivation on Flirchi?

Flirchi offers reliable service. If your concern is about their reputation, then be aware that Flirchi hasn’t been accused of ID stealing or privacy violation till yet. According to the Privacy Policy on website, the company will only access individual information when they are requested via some sort of customer request.

Anything that’s public on a Flirchi profile such as public information, thumbnail photo etc. are shared with anyone on the internet, however, things that you mark to not be shared with someone you don’t want to, will not be shared.

Advertisers might show ads to an individual but the access won’t go any further. Advertisers can’t see the profile owners information unless further approval on the subscriber end. If website privacy has been a reason for the deactivation of your account, you could even discuss these matters with a customer care representative.

Delete a Flirchi Account

Anyone with an online account with might choose to shut down their account. The option is available in Profile settings, also one can contact the support persons directly to request a ticket which would guide the user through the shutdown of the account.

To deactivate a Flirchi account by the user themselves, this link should be followed. This takes the users to the private profile page of the user. First visit on setting page, A text saying “profile deactivation” would appear on screen, click on that. Tic on all reasons and click “continue” button. Now a confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email address.

delete flirchi account

On the next confirmation prompt, check the box “I realize that I delete my profile forever“. This would be taken as your sole consent to delete any content you have ever uploaded to your Flirchi account.

As you now have agreed to the terms and conditions of deleting your account permanently from server, all your data would be deleted. You will not be able to reclaim your profile or any other information from Flirchi website.


The deactivation process is easy and doesn’t take much effort. However, having a full backup of all the uploaded data is highly recommended.


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