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Founded in August 2000 by a re known psychologist and relationship expert, Dr. Neil Clarke Warren, eHarmony is one of the most popular matchmaking sites recommended for heterosexuals looking for long term but real relationships.

Eharmony’s uses a very unique approach and claims to being the first dating site on the web to use a patented compatibility scientific matching system to match compatible singles. Research shows that average of 500 people marry all across the US every day as a result of being matched on

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With eHarmony all the matching for you, using a compatibility system they’ve created on their own, which in turn is based on numerous scientific studies about love, relationships and compatibility. It’s not about matching people who like certain hobbies it’s all about compatibility.

Signing up on eHarmony might take a while since one has to fill a questionnaire question but the results are really astounding. Whether you have subscribed or not the detailed personality reports users get are definitely worth it. The report clearly shows a user what they have to offer in a relationship and also the kind of person one would be the most compatible.

Steps on how to get started with this dating service:

  • Fill in the eHarmony relationship questionnaire which is only couple of simple questions. A profile is created detailing the user’s lifestyle and personality, to help find the most compatible match. Most users learn a little more about themselves they did not know!
  • A custom made free profile report will gives the user  insights into how he or she perceives himself or herself and how others perceives them
  • The match is made. The most exciting step where it takes the users profile report and find other profiles best suited  that are good matches for them.
  • The next step is to simply review your compatible match for free. This is where users get to see who their compatible matches are.
  • Start the conversation. Start that all important conversation with your match.

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Why use

Why eHarmony is different than most other dating sites:

  • Their matching system means there is no search engine, the matching system is so specific, it matches would be clients with personalities such as values, sense of humor, passion, character, intellect, spiritual belief and a lot more.
  • It will make it easy to get the facts about your match before you get emotionally involved.  Helps users step by step by letting them ask the important questions and explore issues that are often overlooked.
  •  Privacy, it allows users to communicate with your matches without sharing profiles, until they are ready.
  • Finding someone and getting to know them is what eHarmony’s does best with its Guided Communication option. Users get to focus on knowing their newly found matches without having to worry about the awkwardness that comes with the first few communications.

EHarmony future prospects plans to be more than just a “relationship site”. It plans include offering extra services such; enabling users make new friends, cope with aging, find the right job, become better parents, and solve interpersonal problems, among other things.

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