Review – Free Singles Dating Site is an online dating site which was designed for people looking for help in getting to know someone online and find meaningful and lasting relationships.It was designed by the founders of but Chemistry is unique in that it uses a match making system based on science and compatibility. The policies of involve pairing members using the ‘compatibility‘ and ‘chemistry‘ method for possible long-term relationships.

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Dr. Helen Fisher, a professor of anthropology and scholar, designed the dating site’s matching algorithm. As of June 2013, more than 8 million people across the world have taken the personality test.

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It is a highly entertaining dating site and it welcomes individuals from all sexual orientations provided the individuals reside in the U.S.

What differentiates from other dating sites?

  • Chemistry’s test: the Tests are fun and engaging. They give the users an in-depth look at who they are and give them a chance to find out what they are looking for in a relationship. To date, over 8,000,000 people have already taken the personality test.
  • Introduction: Chemistry sends free personalized matches who can trigger chemistry to new members. A user gets the chance to discover who their matches are and gets to decide if they would like to learn more about them.
  • Getting to know: Chemistry helps their members to get to know their online matches before they can meet them by offering unique and interesting activities to flirt and learn more about each other.
  • Enhanced privacy: Only members of the Chemistry site can view other peoples’ profile.

One feature that sets apart Chemistry from other sites is that it categorizes its users into four different types of personalities:

  • Builders: dependable, loyal , social
  • Explorers: open minded, creative
  • Directors: independent decisive, focused
  • Negotiators: empathetic, nurturing imaginative

In conclusion, Chemistry uses many graphics when asking questions and displaying answers from users which makes it easier for users to understand and communicate with one another. It is no doubt a good choice for people looking for long term relationships.

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